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Jackson's Camera folio of example work

Patriot Jewellery - Client Brief: CLASSIC Service


Patriot Jewellery are an on-line retailer of Biker Bling, they required high quality jewellery product images to launch into e-commerce.

Detail and a realistic look was important to the client and the simplicity of a solid white background was chosen to make the images pop.


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MP Jewellery - Client Brief: BASIC / CLASSIC Services


MP Jewellery a Melbourne based business, was just starting out in e-commerce with a website and e-store.

There was a backlog of jewellery items to be photographed and a budget to work within so it was decided to use the BASIC image editing procedures wherever possible and the more advanced CLASSIC editing option for any item that required a white background or further enhancement to really sing.

This saved the client a considerable sum of money over the hundreds of items photographed.

Details Of Our BASIC Product Photography Service

Details Of Our CLASSIC Product Photography Service

Acumat - Client Brief: DELUXE Services


Acumat was a new product looking for distribution channels and required marketing material for the website and printed media.

It was decided that to show the product in action was the key step to selling the advantages of the product.

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Australian Diamond Network - Client Brief: DELUXE Services


Australian Diamond Network (www.australiandiamondnetwork.com.au) are an on-line diamond retailer.

Initially the client required images of loose diamonds and diamond set jewellery for their website content, however after the website was complete it became apparent that the site lacked glamour, emotion and a softer human touch.

Our beautiful model Catherine was chosen to drip herself in diamonds and lounge around "Chloe's" Bar at Melbourne's iconic Young and Jackson's Pub.

That is our DELUXE Service in action

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Jester Designs - Client Brief: BASIC Service


Jester Designs create individual and small run home-ware items and sculpture for collectors and the fine art gallery market.

Paramount for this client was the integrity of colour and texture within the images. Multiple Shots were required of each item to show fine detail in the design and highlight the "Handmade" aspect of the product.

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High St, Northcote, Official Visitors Guide


This project was compiled as a proposed "Official Visitors Guide" for the High St, Northcote, shopping strip.

The brief was to capture the vibrancy of the area and showcase a number of local traders and entertainment venues as well as local infrastructure.  The area is well known for it's street-life and cafe culture so this was a key ellement to be portrayed in the brochure.

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Love Shoes - Client Brief: CLASSIC Service



Love Shoes is a wedding and dress shoe specialist who was in the process of moving from bricks and mortar retail to online retail.

They had been very happy with their photographer had moved interstate.  Attempts at in-house product photography had proved less than satisfactory, so Jackson's Camera was brought in to replicate the look the previous photographer had achieved to maintain consistency across the website.

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The Equipment Library - Client Brief: DELUXE Service



The Equipment Library is an innovative, niche business that rent high quality camping and hiking gear to outdoor enthusiasts who may require the gear only for a short time or would not get enough use from it to justify the expense of buying it.

They have a great looking, easy to navigate website but were unhappy with using the manufacturers stock shots for their rental items.

Jackson's Camera was consulted and the decision was made to shoot the gear in a scene that would represent how the item would be used. Over a number of shoots The Equipment Library's range was set up and photographed at a local riverside camping ground.

This was a good example of our DELUXE service.

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Anatolian Turkish Towels - Client Brief: CLASSIC Service



Anatolian is another client who was just beginning on their e-commerce journey. Anatolian's Luxury Turkish Towels are beautiful and lovely to touch so we needed to bring out  the softness, textures and bright colours in the images while still showing the object in it's entirety and maintaining accuracy of colour and tone. A logo watermark was also embedded into the images, which is a service that is included in our CLASSIC pricing.


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Matchless Goods Peanut Butter - Client Brief: CLASSIC Service




Uriah, Is a young guy with great taste. His first product to market is a super tasty Peanut Butter with wattle-seed and macadamia nuts (for extra crunch). It is so delicious that the jar was half empty by the end of the shoot.  The texture is chunky and it sticks to the roof of your mouth just like peanut butter should. Simple images where all that was needed. The product will sell itself.

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